What’s on the smartphone agenda for April?


If acquiring information and continually broadening your horizon is something you’re fond of, then Blinkist is the right app for you. It is currently one of the best online platforms that provides book summaries covering a wide range of topics like science, business, self-improvement and more.
With a vast collection of more than 6,500 titles available on the app, including most of the top bestsellers, users can read and listen to book summaries in a matter of 15 minutes.
The platform has a straightforward and simple design. It provides concise summaries that effectively highlight the main ideas of the books, saving users time and effort in a world where it’s easy to get overwhelmed with ever-increasing to-read lists.
For busy users who want to read and learn more but have limited time, the app offers a personal library that’s accessible at their convenience.


Save precious moments by repairing old photographs back to their pristine condition with the help of FixMyPics.
A photo restoration application that brilliantly converts your old photos to a refreshed state, FixMyPics caters to casual users as well as professional photographers.
Designed with a user-friendly interface and utilising advanced AI algorithms, this app competently improves picture quality, transforming old images to look like they were captured yesterday.
The key features include taking faded old black and white photographs and bringing them back to life with colour enhancements. It can restore, clean up and sharpen pictures by removing the old yellow tone and other visual distortions, such as small, discoloured pixels and specks.
The app also eliminates scratches, spots and lines from aged photos and gives them a clearer and more natural appearance. Users can also take old photos and customise them for a new smoother finish.