Nomad has unveiled a new device that supports MagSafe and Qi2 magnetic charging.

Nomad, a well-known manufacturer of premium mobile accessories, has launched its first stand charger that’s based on the new magnet-enhanced Qi2 standard – the latest wireless charging standard that offers a faster and more reliable connection in comparison to previous versions.

The device features a stylish upright metal and glass design that’s available in black or white colour options. The stand’s integrated magnet array aligns perfectly with the iPhone’s MagSafe magnets and offers 15W charging for any Qi2-enabled device. Whether users are busy reading an email or trying to get back to sleep, they can just feel for the magnetic snap to kick off the charging function. Weighing in at 613g, it stays steadily anchored to the table when users are ready to grab their device and go. While the elevated charging puck lets them easily wrap their fingers around the device for easy pickup.

Whether the mobile is placed in the horizontal or vertical position on the stand, the convenient 21° viewing angle is perfect for continued effortless use and interaction with the screen.

The Nomad stand also comes with a two-metre USB-C to USB-C cable. ✤