JJ’s Irish Restaurant now has a grand buffet spread for brunch! Melissa Nazareth savoured a hearty feast and upbeat vibes.

Alive carving station, an assortment of seafood, a variety of cheeses, fresh salads and decadent desserts are now part of the new brunch setup at JJ’s Irish Restaurant. The mains are still made to order so you can enjoy them fresh and hot. And they’re unlimited, meaning you can order any number of dishes from the menu.

We sat in the well-lit outdoor area with a retractable roof. Barrels repurposed for the buffet setup and indoor foliage added to the rustic charm of the space, reminiscent of a traditional Irish inn. My dining companions and I ordered a selection of nine dishes, featuring breakfast and lunch options, which arrived in no time.

A breakfast girl, I tucked into the vibrant plate of Lox & Eggs. The salmon is served on the side so I could combine every bite to my preference. It was the creamiest scramble I’ve ever eaten. The salty coral ribbons of home-cured lox added an umami element to the dish, which came with a dollop of creamy guac and crispy hashbrowns.

My companion went for Chicken & Waffles, which also featured JJ’s creamy scrambled eggs. The tangy buffalo sauce had a slight kick that complemented the juicy, chargrilled protein but the butter milk sauce and avocado balanced it out. The subtle sweetness of homemade Belgian waffles, with crispy edges and soft insides, mingled well with the savoury chicken juices.

Chorizo on Toast was next in the line of digestive fire for me. Bringing together two of my favourites, spicy chorizo and rye bread, this one was a winner all the way. The smoked flavour of the sausage elevated every bite and the sweet relish complemented it well. The poached egg concealing a river of sunshine and the silken Hollandaise sauce sealing the deal.

JJ’s offers both, regular and beef bacon. This staple breakfast item features in many of their dishes including Bacon & Sausages, which layers these meaty marvels on a homemade toasted brioche bun; Bacon Wrapped Sausage, a salty protein parcel served on comforting mash and a pool of rich onion gravy, and French Toast & Bacon, a symphony of sweet and salty flavours that tantalised my taste buds – I highly recommend it.

I took a break to tour the buffet with my glass of hops. The salads beckoned and I went in for the classic Caesar but you could choose other options such as Cod & Potato, Goat Cheese & Kale and more. The crunchy lettuce offered respite from the meaty goodness that had gone before (and that which was to follow!). The dressings were all freshly prepared. In fact, everything at JJ’s, from the jams and preserves to the varieties of bread are homemade – you can taste it in every bite!

While I stacked my plate with cheeses, from Edam to Gouda and Brie to manchego, my companion explored the oceanic wonders of the Seafood Station. Oysters, crayfish, shrimp, tuna, smoked salmon… she was spoiled for choice. Each came with an accompanying sauce. Savoury tuna with pungent Horseradish sauce, shrimp with the zingy tomato-caper one… We both had to make a pit stop for the roast beef striploin at the Live Carving Station. If you’re in the mood for a good ol’ roast, this one’s a must-try. The meat was buttery and juicy, its flavours intensified by a shiny gravy. You could opt for barbecue sauce too. The Yorkshire pudding had the perfect texture, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Along with the side of veggies, it complemented the hero of this dish.

I must recommend the Corned Beef & Veggies from the menu. Brined for 10 days and slow braised for three hours, the protein had the perfect pink hue and melted in my mouth. My companion was all praises for the Irish Mac ‘n’ Cheese. It was folded in with a creamy sauce and topped with crumbled blue cheese, mildly sweet fried leek slivers and that moreish home-cured corned beef. Seafood lovers will enjoy the light yet flavourful Cider Braised Mussels & Clams, with Irish mussels and local clams sautéed with silken olive oil, garlic and shallots, and then, steamed in apple cider sauce. The shellfish were fresh, I could tell, and being such a delicate protein, ideally cooked in this simple medley of aromatics.

We did eat a lot but since the brunch runs from 12pm to 5pm, we could take breaks and pace ourselves. The music, classics, offered the perfect backdrop. As we enjoyed our dessert – a selection of different types of cakes, crème brûlée, mousse and more, we browsed through the menu. There are two brunch packages – Premium and Regular – with selected beverages. The difference lies in the drinks included in the offer. If you’re looking for a hearty feast of comforting brunch classics, JJ’s is just the one! ✤