Never let drinks go cold with Ember’s temperature-controlled mugs.

Ever made yourself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, only to be distracted by unexpected calls or work demands and returned to a disappointing lukewarm brew? Consider that problem solved and always drink your beverage hot with the Ember Mug 2.

Designed for both home and office use, the mug uses patented temperature-control technology that consistently keeps drinks hot and at your preferred temperature (between 48°C and 62°C) from the first sip to the last. With the help of its new charging coaster, the Ember Mug 2 maintains the chosen temperature for up to 90 minutes with the 296ml version and up to 80 minutes with the 414ml version. Additionally, it pairs with the Ember app, allowing users to set the temperature, customise presets and more.

The mug intelligently enters sleep mode when empty or after two hours of inactivity and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid. Both sizes of the Ember Mug 2 come in a variety of colours, such as sage green, sandstone, black, white and grey, as well as four metallic shades. ✤