N’ovo Restaurant is the latest offering by the Chef Susy Massetti which has opened at Al Liwan in Hamala.

Occupying an area of 182sq/m, N’ovo offers an exceptional menu including breakfast options, a variety of dishes and fresh salads, with ingredients selected from Roots & Shoots, an organic farm founded by the renowned chef.

Moreover, the restaurant offers an unmatched dining experience, embodying the journey of excellence in each dish, starting from carefully choosing the ingredients, to testing and preparing the food with the most creative flavours.

Chef Susy has more than 40 years of experience in the field of creative cooking. She grew up in Milan, Italy, within a family that specialised in cooking over several generations. From an early age, she learned cooking, appropriate seasoning and distinguished presentation of dishes. Chef Susy later settled in the GCC region and the Kingdom of Bahrain in particular, managing several restaurants and transferring her creative experiences in culinary arts to the Bahraini and Gulf cuisines.

With years of experience, real drive and passion for the culinary arts, and sincere sentiments for Bahrain, Chef Susy has brought the ingenuity of eating healthy and enjoyable meals with organic ingredients to the Kingdom. She also received several prestigious regional and international awards.

On the occasion, Ahmed Yusuf, CEO of Seef Properties, which owns Al Liwan, said: “We are pleased to announce the opening of N’ovo Restaurant by Chef Susy Massetti, who inspires people with her wonderful recipes and has a long history of creating delicious dishes. We are honoured to welcome her at Al Liwan to launch her unique restaurant.”

Chef Susy commented: “We are glad to open our new restaurant in Al Liwan, through which my team and I will strive to provide a unique dining experience in one of the most promising projects in the kingdom. We chose Al Liwan due to its attractive location and its green spaces that reflect our concept of the restaurant, which is based on organic food and healthy dishes. We promise our customers and their families, friends and loved ones an unforgettable dining experience at N’ovo Restaurant.” ✤