Withings’ latest body scale offers users advanced health assessment.

As many of us stay dedicated to working on the various health goals we’ve set for the year, there are few tools that prove to be as useful as a scale to help keep us on track in our progress.

Withings, a leading manufacturer of connected health devices, has unveiled the Body Smart scale that provides accurate weight and body composition measurements.

The device features the company’s proprietary Precision Technology that combines multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), precision weight sensors and advanced algorithms to help deliver insights and health analysis. Body Smart provides users with exact weight and other advanced health measurements to dig deeper into body composition, expanding from measuring fat, muscle mass and water weight percentage to analysing visceral fat and other advanced body metrics. The device also measures basal metabolic rate and tracks cardiovascular measurements and insights by monitoring users’ standing heart rates.

Body Smart comes in a simple, elegant design and features a colour screen that displays all the relevant information. It connects with the Withings app and is the ideal way for users to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, trends and progress, as well as get coaching to help improve over time. ✤