The new Bath & Body Works Ramadan candle is here to help you celebrate the Holy Month and add a special fragrance to your home.

Bath & Body Works has announced its latest addition: the Ramadan three-wick candle which flaunts a special Dark Velvet Oud scent. The candle has an elegant blend of clove and rose water mixed in with some sandalwood, giving you the perfect combination of elements to add to your home and celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month, not to mention being a lovely décor item. The candle is made with essential oils and a soy wax blend and has amazing quality with a fragrance that lingers for up to 45 hours, making sure you get the most out of your purchase. You can combine this special candle with the Into The Night candle to add a feminine and alluring touch.

Make sure you are moisturised during the month as you fast during the day and may battle dehydration. The Starlit Night body care collection will do just the trick for you. A dreamy combination of snowberry, midnight iris and sensual agarwood makes it a must-have for you to pamper yourself with.

The shower gel is made with aloe vera and bamboo extract to nourish the skin and leave it feeling clean, soft and refreshed. The fast-absorbing and gentle body lotion is made with vitamin E and shea butter to make sure your skin feels fresh and hydrated. Add the body cream to the bunch to provide deep conditioning and continuous 24- hour moisture to your skin, it is also made with vitamin E and shea. And finally, the fine fragrance mist, contained in a carefully crafted bottle, delivers the best coverage with conditioning aloe mist for the ultimate uplift to help you feel light and ready for the day.

Ramadan is the month of giving. If you are planning on getting gifts for your loved ones, look no further. Bath & Body Works has a Create Your Own Gift box for you to tailor the perfect presents with products you can choose, as well as a sleeve for the box. If you would rather trust the shop and are at a loss for what to pick, there are also pre-made gifts you can choose from, too!✤