A novel and useful mobile accessory that maximises screen space and improves content creation.

Clicks Technology, a new company, has launched a first-of-its-kind accessory – a unique case with a built-in keyboard at the bottom – that extends the capabilities of an iPhone.

Taking a page from mobile phones of yesteryear, the Clicks creator keyboard cleverly frees up screen space previously consumed by a virtual keyboard, giving users more space for app usage and content creation.

The connection to the iPhone is made through the lighting or USB port, so there’s no Bluetooth link to worry about, nor does it use up any extra battery power to do so.

Enclosed in a silicone case, the full keyboard accessory with real buttons offers users a tactile typing experience that enables new possibilities for creating on-the-go with speed and precision.

iPhone users can take control with keyboard shortcuts and using new dedicated keys that unlock the full power of iOS.

The keys have an inbuilt backlight for nighttime use and a passthrough port at the bottom of the case that lets users charge their phone without having to take off the case. Additionally, wireless charging can also be carried out with the case on. ✤