In Conversation with… Richard Paul Gough

The new Group General Manager of Euro Motors talks 25 years of success, the future of AI and electric vehicles and his dream car journey.

In your opinion, what do buyers look for when purchasing a vehicle? How does Euro Motors cater to these requirements?
First off, it’s got to be the car. We’re really, really lucky at Euro Motors. We’ve got a tremendous selection of cars from Jaguar Land Rover to BMW to Ferrari, Maserati right up to Rolls-Royce. There are some beautiful cars to select. Secondly, it’s down to the customer service. Customers want someone they can trust, someone they know will be there, someone that’s going to be able to support them in their journey of actually buying this car.
So how do Euro Motors actually cater for this? Well, one of the tremendous things about Euro Motors is that we’ve been here for 25 years, so we’ve got a real legacy of customer service and trust. We’re a well-known brand that can actually look after customers. More than that, we’re very, very well known for innovation. Some of the next stages of innovation relate to AI and the introduction of AI to improve our customer experience, our customer journey and our responses to customer inquiries.

Many are switching to hybrid and electric cars these days. How prepared are car manufacturers and dealers for the electric revolution?
BMW are unique in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fact that we offer ConnectedDrive on all our BMW products. This is also something that we’re going to bring to Bahrain for Jaguar Land Rover in 2024. ConnectedDrive has tremendous features and one of the top features is a display of our very own BMW charging network that we’re implementing across the Kingdom. It offers a number of other top features as well, so we will soon be uniquely placed, if anybody is looking for a hybrid or electric vehicle, to provide these services.

Are there any developments coming at Euro Motors that our readers must watch out for?
It’s really important to talk about some of the innovations that we’re going to bring to Euro Motors over the next 12 months. It will really give us a competitive advantage over other car dealers in the Kingdom. Some of the technology that we’re bringing, not just around AI but around our customer journey, is going to be fantastic. One area where we’re really great at Euro Motors is the team, the people across every department. We’ve got some real, real superstars in every area of our business. It’s fantastic to be a part of this team, they’re one of the things that guarantee our innovation, our brilliant customer service – they all cater to our customers’ needs and match the products that we look after.

Are there any new vehicles coming that you’re particularly excited about?
We’ve got some amazing new products coming in. So, it’s very important to reference the new cars that we’ve got coming, from the new Range Rover SVR to the Rolls-Royce Spectre to the BMW 5 Series and i5, fantastic car, to the Ferrari Purosangue and the Maserati GT, all coming over the next few months.

What is your dream car and where in the world would you want to drive it?
We’re really, really spoiled for choice. It would probably have to be some kind of classic, like a classic Maserati 3500 GT, maybe a 1958 or a 1960 version, or a nice Ferrari, a 355. In terms of the journey, it’d probably be through Italy, either Milan up to Lake Como and around the lakes or down the Amalfi Coast or in the south around Sicily. There are some great car journeys to be had across Italy and what a brilliant brand to do it with – Maserati! ✤