In Conversation with…Ahsan Chishty

Valuing strong business relationships and friendships, First Motors WLL’s General Manager shares what he loves about the automotive sector especially that of Bahrain.

You have been in the automotive industry for almost 20 years. What first drew you to this sector?
I entered the automotive industry in 1994 not really knowing what I was getting into and certainly not thinking that I would be working in this industry for almost 30 years. I was drawn to it purely for my love and passion for cars and decided very quickly that this was where I wanted to develop my career. There is something very special about working in this sector as you have the opportunity to meet many individuals where you build strong relationships and many go on to be great friends. I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands and have learned so much. Having seen first-hand the way our business has evolved over the last three decades is truly magnificent. Looking outside in, it is easy to say that the automotive business is easy, when actually it is quite the opposite. Our business is deeply complex and requires a lot of strategic thinking which makes it so interesting. Our main objectives are to always focus on the best customer experience and, in parallel, have the best team to deliver on our promise.

What convinced you to move from the UK to Bahrain in 2016 and what differences do you find in the sector here?
Having not worked outside of the UK before and hearing and reading about what a wonderful place Bahrain is and the added benefit of working with the Alzayani Group, I was convinced that the decision was right. Seven years on, Bahrain has become my home. I genuinely hope I can retire here. The automotive business [of both countries] is very similar. The main difference is working with a smaller population where you get to know your clients personally. Furthermore, I find that our clients are truly amazing. Naturally, they want the best but they are so humble and polite in their approach. This is such a unique quality of this beautiful country.

What sets First Motors apart from the other dealerships in the market?
We are so fortunate to represent within First Motors the Hyundai and Genesis brands. We focus on our customer journey and look to support them fully from the time of purchase, then to their journey in our aftersales department and then onto their future purchases. All automotive brands in Bahrain have their own goals and focus areas and they challenge us to continually improve and evolve and we certainly rise to that challenge. Our focus is to provide the best products with the latest technologies and to deliver a memorable experience always. We have a wonderful team at First Motors that is so committed to delivering the best at all our touch points, I am so proud of and thankful to all of them.

As we head into Ramadan, will you be launching any special deals over this period?
Certainly, Ramadan is one of the most important times of the year for us and each year we challenge ourselves to develop offerings that our customers will see as relevant and attractive. We have already prepared our Ramadan promotions and will be announcing this very soon. I would like to extend, in advance, Ramadan Kareem to everyone and wish you all the blessings of this Holy Month.
If money was no object, what would be your dream car and where would be your dream drive.
It would be the 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS and my dream drive would be in the Amalfi Coast of Italy. ✤