Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay has launched a new restaurant taking guests on a captivating gastronomic journey to Lebanon.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient city of Byblos – the new beachfront outlet will serve guests an immersive dinner experience in an idyllic setting.

The hotel’s first Lebanese restaurant will be helmed by Oriental Speciality Chef Tony El Khoury. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Zahle, Lebanon, he has honed his skills to perfection with over a decade of experience in renowned restaurants. Chef Tony developed his deep-rooted passion for food during his formative years inspired by his family’s traditions. It was amidst their Sunday gatherings that he found his calling and discovered a connection to the culinary arts through the shared experience of tasting the dishes.

The menu he has specially crafted for Byblos features his modern take on the recipes from his hometown including delicate mezze platters such Pumpkin Mutabbal, Spiced Hummus and Beetroot Carpaccio Salad. Reinvented dishes like Lamb Shank Ouzi, Modern Manakish and Salmon Harra are also available on the menu, along with a premium selection of Moroccan Tea, Arabic Coffee and a variety of refreshing concoctions. The delightful Meghli Mahalabia and brownies with carob molasses are perfect for ending on a sweet note. Guests can also indulge in Kunafa presented with mesmerising theatrics.

“I take pleasure in creating dishes that I enjoy eating. Each time I craft a dish, I embrace the opportunity to infuse a creative twist into traditional recipes, enhancing their overall appeal and elevating the dining experience,” comments Chef Tony. “At Byblos, we reinvent the traditional Lebanese dishes like Meghli and Ouzi.”

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, the restaurant is designed with soothing turquoise and white tones. The décor effortlessly intertwines tradition with a modern twist, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and inviting. As guests step through the entrance, flickering torches cast a warm glow, beckoning them into a world of Lebanese delights.

Byblos’ spacious layout embraces a cosy feel, inspired by nature itself with the presence of olive trees and lush plants reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean landscapes. The interiors are adorned with vases skilfully crafted by local artisans, paying homage to the rich Bahraini culture. Intricate Arabesque patterns grace the ceiling, bar backdrop and table stands, further accentuating the restaurant’s charm.

Byblos is open daily, except Mondays, from sunset until 12am. ✤