New single Balash Ana by Bahraini artist Flipperachi is the latest jam for music-lovers across the island

Bahraini artist Flipperachi has just released a new tune sending sound-waves across the island. The song dubbed Balash Ana features Egyptian artist Carmen Soliman and is the first track of a new album called Find Your Groove showcasing talent from across the Middle East, from pop artists to grunge and rappers.

Catchy and lively, Flipperachi stuns with his voice and switches seamlessly between clever Arabic and English lyrics, while Carmen hits every note. From the very first beat, you’ll want to get up and get your groove on.

Flipperachi is known around the island and the region as one of the most talented Arab rappers. He began his musical journey when he joined Outlaw Productions in 2008 and featured on DJ Outlaw’s album History in the Making. Flipperachi released his debut studio album in 2014, titled Straight Out Of 2seas with the smash hit We So Fly gaining regional attention.

In 2016 he released a collaborative album with Daffy of Outlaw Productions called 9arat which reached number one on the iTunes MENA chart with the song EE LAA creating a massive buzz. He has since released many more songs and collaborated with many different artists regionally and internationally. His current best hits include the chill afro single Enty Jameela and the classic Fi Bali. The song Balash Ana was produced by DJ Outlaw, the Bahraini-born creative who played an instrumental role in establishing the Khaleeji hip-hop scene.

Seeking to reinvent the sound of the region, Find Your Groove includes beats that are more than just innovative. The album is a refreshing new sound with regional talent combining music from their own cultures and songs that’re constantly playing on our radios these days. It is a perfect synergy of the old-school Arabic music we grew up with and the hip-hop hits that we love to rap to.

Find Your Groove, powered by the American automaker, Chevrolet, is out now on your favourite music streaming platforms. Check out the brand-new music genre created in collaboration with some of the region’s best artists and musicians.✤