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Victoria’s Secret

Celebrating sheer femininity Tease Eau de Parfum is inspired by and dedicated to women who embrace life and seek every experience it has to offer. The unique fragrance is a sensory journey, with a liberating burst of playfulness engaging smell, sight, and taste. The scent introduces a dazzling, addictive feel as petally Gardenias are wrapped in the delicious warmth of Black Vanilla, with a fresh bite of Anjou Pear. The creamy floral notes of white Gardenia have a petally softness that melt into the fluffy Black Vanilla base to create an enveloping softness and a deliciously sweet warmth. The Anjou Pear with its sweet nectar has an icy freshness which adds a burst of brightness to the edible feeling of the scent.

Skin Proud
Sorbet Skin

For those looking for an everyday moisturiser that delivers instant hydration without the heavy formula, Sorbet Skin is the answer. With an ultra lightweight, jelly texture, this sorbet-like gel delivers skin-loving goodness on a major scale. Free from oil, Sorbet Skin locks in the skin’s moisture for revitalised and healthy skin. The moisturiser is formulated with a powerful four part hyaluronic acid complex for results on every level, along with cooling rose flower water to renew and restore.

Lottie London
Mega Brow

Lottie London’s new Mega Brow is your go-to for achieving that perfectly sculpted full brow, in a flash. Shape and set brows with the non-drying, water activated wax to hold your brows in place all day to get that just-laminated look without the price tag (we won’t tell if you don’t). Choose between clear wax or a tinted version for a darker brow to add an extra dimension of enviable definition. Mega Brow comes with a cute and compact spoolie; so all you need to do is simply spray the wax with water or setting spray, coat your spoolie and smooth over brows for an instant ‘gram ready look.

Passage d’Enfer

Soothing and meditative to its best, Passage d’Enfer pays homage to the Parisian location of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s office in the 1970s. It conjures up images of chilled cathedral walls and echoes of rituals and incantations. Translucent lily and white musk sweeten the balsamic smoke of incense. The name of the perfume may be dark, but the scent itself is tranquil and contemplative.

Nocturnal Nectar Bio-Fermented Facial Essence

The modern British skincare brand that elegantly unites the power of natural and organic ingredients unveils a facial essence — a lightweight liquid that preps the skin to absorb moisturisers and oils better. Supercharge your regime with the full-bodied properties of bio-fermented apple cider vinegar, brimming with amino acids and antioxidants that serve to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin. This concentrated formula is suitable for all skin types and helps dissolve dead skin cells, delay the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate circulation.

The Body Shop
Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The Body Shop’s ever popular Ginger haircare range just got even better! Made with ginger essential oil, white willow, birch bark extracts and vegan silk protein the Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo helps to clear flakes and leaves dry, itchy scalps feeling soothed and rebalanced. Leaving your hair feeling healthy and swishable. This zingy shampoo is formulated to keep your hair looking its healthiest and your scalp cool, calm and collected.

Gentleman Givenchy

More contemporary, more intense. The Eau de Toilette Intense meshes iris with an audacious woody note. Blue iris and cedar wood are at the heart of an assertively masculine composition. The refreshing, powdery facet of the former remarkably counters the irresistible power of the latter. Freshness and addiction. Fused with basil, which provides blue iris with its green, aromatic nuances, cardamom strikingly boosts the liveliness and brightness of the scent while cypress makes the fresh feeling linger for longer and connects with the woody cedar notes. Cedar also exudes milky facets, exalted by a warm, enveloping coumarin, which makes sure the charm works.

Detoxifying Charcoal Scrub

The skin on your face is vulnerable to the harsh elements of day-to-day life. Each time you go out, increased air pollution, exposure to harmful UV rays, dirt, and other chemicals come into contact with your complexion and cause damage. Bid goodbye to dull, tired and fatigued skin with herbal beauty expert Himalaya’s Detoxifying Charcoal Scrub. Get rid of clogged pores and improve the complexion. By removing excess oil from the skin, it helps to naturally bring balance back, making the skin feel refreshed and smooth to touch.

Golden Glow Face Mask

The Moroccan organic and natural beauty brand has unveiled the glow mask for hydrated, brighter skin. Using natural and complimentary ingredients, this distinctive facemask cleans, clears and tightens skin for a youthful and radiant complexion. The honey and propolis work together to open the pores and clear them of the bacteria that causes congestion, while the clay deeply penetrates the skin to remove the impurities. This allows the saffron and probiotic to stimulate the microcirculation and brighten the complexion, and the argan oil to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin leaving it visibly lifted, hydrated and bright.

LUNA go for MEN

If you struggle to find time in your busy mornings or evenings — LUNA go for MEN is right for you. The cleansing device is ideally designed for the man on-the-go. Whether you’re running between work meetings or need a quick postgym cleanse, its T-Sonic technology and the convenient compact size creates a full skincare routine and shaving prep in the palm of your hand. Quickly cleanse your face whenever and wherever you desire with this sleek device.