Scents, skincare, grooming musthaves – check.

Satin Glow Booster

This leave-in spray uses bio-certified vegan ingredients, including chestnut and aloe vera, to combat frizz, hydrate and reduce moisture loss for your hair. Improving softness and strength on the driest strands and containing over 96% naturally-derived ingredients, you can boost your styling results in the knowledge that your hair is in the best hands possible. Detangle, reduce breakage and colour loss, whilst adding a velvet-like sheen to the hair. Styling will fast become a breeze! Suitable for all hair types, the Satin Glow Booster has an evocative scent containing nectarine, patchouli and jasmine to create a calming and soothing aroma.

Vénitien Henna

Twenty years after the invention of the Lush Henna Brick, the brand has reformulated the cult product range to give greater coverage and the best hair dye experience! The new and improved Henna Bricks guarantee refreshed shades that offer shinier and healthier results with richer tones and, for the first time, LUSH is also introducing a shine-enhancing strawberry blonde for fair hair. The new Vénitien Henna is infused with Iranian henna, chamomile, rhubarb and cassia to give warm, sun-kissed tones to naturally blonde, light or white hair. The new and enhanced formulas are infused with pigmented herbs and floras which have improved the coverage the brick gives, resulting in bolder results. Now with less cocoa butter, the bricks are easier to use and the colour attaches to the hair effortlessly.

Prestige Rose Hand Cream

The Naturals by Watsons range from Watsons is a natural and toxin-free beauty brand. This Prestige Rose Hand Cream is for softening and moisturising the skin and contains organic rose water which is rich in tannins to nourish, smooth and moisturise the skin, as well as natural rose oil, which has an aromatherapy scent to calm and relax the mind and body.

UnCoverup Cream

Foundation A rich, nourishing, cream foundation with a luminous, dewy finish. This concentrated formula contains RMS’s Beauty Oil for rich hydration that helps smooth the appearance of fine lines, and silica that boosts coverage of dark spots and redness. Formulated with wild-crafted buriti oil, organic coconut oil and the RMS signature adaptogenic herbal blend, this power-packed cream foundation evens skin tone with seamless, super-hydrating high impact coverage.

Icicle Cooling Eye Serum

Skin Proud’s Icicle Cooling Eye Serum Stick contains hyaluronic acid and refreshes and refines the eye area so that it looks tighter and brighter. The formula features a hyaluronic acid complex that helps to lock in moisture. With its unique balm-like consistency, you can use this serum stick on bare skin or over your make-up to give your look an instant refresh and long-lasting hydration.

Travel-size Eau de Toilette

Skandinavisk has launched its new travel sized Eau de Toilette collection featuring four 30ml bottles. The sprays each represent different chapters, known as Kapitels, in the story of the brand’s 20-year journey, and resonate with different adventures. Kapitel 1, called ‘Boreal Calm’, evokes the halls of towering trees and canopies of the deepest green with scents of fir. Kapitel 4, dubbed ‘Island Solitude’, goes back to the olden days of sailing on Scandinavian waters with no destination in mind and landing on a pebbly shore, with scents of marine floral. Kapitel 12, named ‘Freedom to Roam’, reflects on the ancient Scandinavian law to roam the land provided only footsteps are left behind, with scents of green aroma. The last, Kapitel 17, dubbed ‘Remote Refrain’, represents the last chapter inspired by a return trip to Hardangerfjord during spring in 2021 and the orchard-lined fruit trail that lines the shore, with scents of delicate flowers and subtle honey.

Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate

The Body Shop has just released its newest collection yet, the Edelweiss Collection. This Daily Serum Concentrate is a fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic serum enriched with edelweiss extract, peptides, hyaluronic acid and CFT moringa seed oil. The product provides 24 hours of hydration and protects the skin against indoor and outdoor pollution.

FILORGA Skin-Unify
Illuminating Even Skin Tone Cream

Filorga’s new Skin-Unify Illuminating Even Skin Tone Cream is a daily morning and evening cream that provides a smooth application that nourishes and hydrates your skin inside-out. Combining a powerful formula with a pleasant sensorial experience, it prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots and instantly illuminates the complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

Facial Cleansing Wash

If you have used every remedy to get rid of your breakouts and still have no luck, try this Carbon Theory Facial Cleansing Wash. It has a blend of organic tea tree oil, organic activated charcoal, and shea butter that is dermatologically proven to prevent breakouts and keep skin clean, healthy, and hydrated.

The Wanderer Returns Candle

Designed in London and hand poured in France, The Wanderer Returns by new candle brand Aather is a fresh and rejuvenating blend of black fig and berries, anchored with cedarwood to help set the scene for socialising in your space and providing a calming atmosphere.