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Summer Nails

Balmessence has come up with five top tips for great summer nails in line with the launch of this season’s new products: • Keep fingernails dry and clean to prevent bacterial growth beneath the nail. • Moisturise! Moisturising is a well-known must for healthy skin, but it’s often overlooked in nail care. • Leave your cuticles alone! It’s common practice to cut, push back or try to get rid of cuticles altogether, but cuticles are not the enemy. In fact, the cuticle is the nail’s natural protective seal. • Practice good nail hygiene. Use sharp manicure scissors or clippers and trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. Use a gentle brush to clean under the nails, avoid the urge to dig in with a sharp tool. • Rethink your products. Avoid using nail care products containing harsh chemicals. Natural/organic lacquers are better for your nails because of the quality and the exclusion of many harmful toxins contained in traditional nail polishes. Check out the latest Balmessence nail products: Fedua Ultimate Gel Effect Nail Paint in Candy, Azure, Peach Blossom and Dandelion Yellow; Fedua Golden Jelly Hand Mask; Fedua Macaroon Anti-Ageing Hand Cream; Fedua Rose Cuticle Gel and Fedua Rainbow Cuticle Oil.

Catrice Cosmetics

Poreless Perfection Powder

Tired of unwanted shine when you’re out and about? Catrice can help. Among its latest line of products is the silicone-free pressed Poreless Perfection Powder. Boasting an extremely soft texture and a universal shade, which claims to adapt to individual skin tones, it melts into the complexion and makes small imperfections disappear. Perfect for the humid days to come.


Kiss Me More

As the summer gets into full swing, we look forward to days lounging by the beach and pool. However, one concern that many of us have is our make-up not holding up well when exposed to heat. One solution to lipstick smudging and wearing off is Flormar’s must-have Kiss Me More collection. Gorgeous shades, rich pigments and lasting hold are what this collection is all about. Aptly named Lip Tattoos, you can’t eat, drink or kiss them away. With a smooth and creamy texture, these liquid lipsticks are easy to apply and, unlike other mattes, they do not dry out the lips. The Kiss Me More Lip Tattoo collection is made up of 22 shades including six new natural colours to suit every skin tone.


Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask

Available at Lifestyle, this mask gives the chance for your skin to dive into a real thermal bath. Uriage Thermal Water’s hydrating power comes in an ultra-light jellified textured night mask which, with the added benefit of eight hours of sleep, leaves the skin texture smoothed, fully moisturised, supple and soft for an ultra-fresh glow. The mask helps to rebuild the cutaneous barrier to maintain an optimal hydration rate; it recreates a surface film to progressively release moisturising agents from the cream and acts on the corneocyte cement to durably boost hydration. Edelweiss extract leaves you with fresh and glowy skin.

Siella Beauty

Lash Champion Mascara

Middle Eastern brand Siella Beauty has unveiled the Lash Champion Mascara, offering five different variants targeting every woman’s lash needs. Whether it’s volume, length, definition, or curl you are after, there is a Lash Champ for you! The brand has perfected the formula to give you the lashes you are hoping for and the wands are equipped with highly specialised bristles that deposit intense pigment with no clumping and guarantee all-day wear. The five options offer either defining or curling for petite – short and thin lashes; and tall – long and thin lashes; there’s also a defining all-rounder to suit every lash type.

izil Moroccan Beauty

Ultimate Grooming Set

izil believes pure is naturally beautiful, and lots of men agree! Whether you’re a busy guy looking for quick everyday products or someone with an evolved grooming routine, this ultimate face care set does it all. The products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, and the box is also made from 100% recyclable material. The set features: Argan Beard & Face 2-in-1 wash – a powerful cleanser to purify, moisturise and refresh the beard and skin; Argan Beard Oil – a 100% natural, non-greasy oil to nourish hair and skin leaving a refreshing, masculine fragrance and feel; Wooden comb and beard brush – an eco-friendly duo to massage the beard, remove dirt and deliver a shiny, dapper look; and a black pouch made of premium fabric to keep all the grooming essentials handy while travelling.


Luna 3 Men

During the last year, Swedish brand FOREO witnessed record demand for ‘Men’s Beauty Solutions’. Its response is the launch of Luna 3 Men, which promises a superior cleanse and facial massage all in a minute flat and while barely lifting a finger. Convenient in size and functionality, the 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations provide your face with a deeper cleanse than washing by hand, lifting away 99.5% of dirt, oil and dead skin, leaving you with a clean complexion. The multi-functional device works as an anti-ageing facial massager. Gentle T-Sonic pulsations deliver a relaxing massage to tone and help diminish visible signs of aging. It also removes ingrown hairs, prevents razor burn, and helps razor blades last up to twice as long, giving your face the ultimate pre-shave treatment.


Summer Body Wash Collection

Summer heat’s not kind to the skin, right? And there’s no reason the girls should get all the pampering. Enter HASK’s range of body care products that are perfect for both men and women. These body washes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, as well as being free of harsh chemicals or ingredients plus vegan and cruelty free. There’s Coconut Nourishing Body Wash with a gentle formula infused with coconut oil and vitamin E to hydrate and renew your skin. Cucumber & Aloe Refreshing Body Wash helps refresh, uplift and hydrate. Lavender & Vanilla Relaxing Body Wash soothes and calms. And Shea & Cocoa Butter Moisturising Body Wash restores and conditions dry skin while locking in moisture.

Farm Skin

Fresh Food For Skin Facial Sheet Mask

This summer offering from Lifestyle reveals the secret of great skin in the form of a sheet mask made from carefully selected, fresh ingredients. Infused with the goodness of oranges, the sheet is high on vitamin C and will lend a healthy glow to your skin. All you have to do is clean, tone, apply the mask and leave for 15 to 20 minutes before removing and massaging any remaining essence into the skin. It’s particularly good for dry complexions and will help address summer’s dehydrating affects.

Acqua di Parma

Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura

Truly the scent of summer, this is a celebration of the Italian bergamot fields where the precious fruits are collected. The ancient and exclusively artisanal extraction technique of the bergamot used, ‘la spugnatura’, allows for a more delicate collection of all the bergamot’s different nuances and beautiful richness. It’s also the reason this is a limited edition. The softness and natural richness of the bergamot’s essence is intensified and complemented by the tones of mandarin and orange, while grapefruit draws attention to the more bitter side. Galbanum, with its green notes, together with the green and floral notes of geranium, highlights the lesserknown accents of bergamot. The gorgeous bottle is also reusable and will look fab on your grooming station.