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Scents, skincare, grooming musthaves – check.

Charlotte Tilbury
Super Nudes

Get your glow on with the supermodel secret from the A-list make-up artist. Reminiscent of the personalised blends created on the faces of the ‘90s catwalks, this make-up range brings eye, face and lip colours to have you channeling your inner runway queen. We love the limited-edition Glowgasm palette in Nudegasm. Featuring three lustrous textures in four fabulous shades, they’re the boost your skin needs to create that perfect nude-toned illumination.

Skin Superfoods

Dermoviva is the first skincare brand in the Middle East to launch a Superfood range of products to care for your skin. The collection features Body Smoothie lotions, Body Dessert creams, face masks, scrubs, and a face wash. These skincare solutions ooze with the goodness of time-tested superfoods such as turmeric, pomegranates, avocado, and green tea. They’re also free of sulphates and specially formulated to battle the harsh climate conditions of our region.

Merry Sweet Wishes

Hard to believe but Essence is already talking Christmas with a pretty range of blending brushes that’s only available from the end of September until mid-November. All six brushes have synthetic bristles and feel pleasantly soft on the skin. The set includes brushes for powder, highlighter, a blender, a shader, a crease definer and an eyebrow brush. Pink handles with golden elements, such as stars and crescent moons, turn them into an eye-catcher on the dressing table. Get them before they’re gone.

Face Sheet Masks

Herbal beauty expert Himalaya has unveiled an exotic range of face sheet masks for salon-like pampering at home. Infused with herbal actives they offer a clean and pure skincare routine to elevate your self-care experience. Four new variants offer completely natural solutions to restore skin health from within. Youthful Radiance uses edelweiss and pomegranate to fight fine lines and wrinkles; Purifying Neem clarifies and keeps the skin pure; Detoxifying, with charcoal and green tea, aids deep cleansing; and Natural Glow uses saffron and vitamin C for a bright and enhanced complexion.

Lush Makeup

The much-loved, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand has officially launched its consciously curated range of make-up products in all stores globally. And, putting skincare first, all items are expertly formulated to give a flawless cover up and a vibrant glow up without compromising on the good stuff. There’s a lipstick case to hold a selection of refillable lip colours plus Lush Lashes, a radiant face powder and a colourful selection of eyeliners coupled with lots of handmade, vegan make-up brushes to suit all your needs. This makes us happy.

Beau Brummell
Face Wash

Wouldn’t it be great to have a face wash you can keep in the shower that features hyaluronic acid, eliminates excess oils to help prevent acne and also smells fresh and clean? Well now it’s here. This formula with activated charcoal promises that and more and the large bottle should last up to three months.

Ultra Facial Cream

An amazing skin boosting moisturising cream for ultra-lightweight, 24-hour hydration, formulated with Squalane, the mega-hydrator that acts as a barrier to keep moisture locked in. This is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and is paraben- and fragrance-free.

Face Mask

Targeted at girls but boys love it too, this Australian pink clay mask is designed to prevent breakouts, reduce acne and combat dull skin leaving a smooth complexion in just 15 minutes with natural exfoliants. Plus, it comes in a reusable glass jar, so you’ll be doing your bit to cut down on environment-damaging plastic waste.

18.21 Man Made
Spiced Vanilla Glide Shave Lotion

Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, this is a clear gel that allows you to see exactly where you need to shave, so you can better edge beards and mustaches, line sideburns, and clean up neck areas. There’s no need to use water—just smooth on and shave off. On application, this gel acts as a pre-shave lotion to soften and ready your face. As you’re shaving, it protects and conditions the skin. Finally, like an aftershave lotion, it will soothe, calm irritation and accelerate regeneration of skin cells.

Sauvage Elixir

First there was the eau de toilette, then perfumes and a spray edition and now comes the elixir with an ingredients list that reads like a who’s who of fine features. Top notes are cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and grapefruit; the middle note is lavender; base notes are sandalwood, licorice, amber, patchouli and Haitian vetiver. Even better, it promises to linger on the skin like never before. What’s not to love?