Get the lowdown on Too Dumb For Your Guns, the latest release from OFFtrack, and learn all about the band and their music.

Band founder Sumit Sharma tells us: “OFFtrack is an alternative-electronic outfit from Bahrain. Variously influenced by the sounds of the post-punk era crossed with trip hop classics. The production is coated in a dystopian mist, full of scattered drum patterns with melodic basslines, ear-worm synths and lush guitar harmonies.”

The band was formed in mid-2019 by Sumit, but all the members were already an active part of the music scene in Bahrain.

He continues: “It took me a long time to find this imperfect bunch, who understood the vision and had similar ideas when it came to music. We wanted to take each other’s music background and distort it to the point where boundaries of mental and physical capabilities start to blur out.”

Ryan was the first to join, on bass, he is a natural when it comes to music. Sara joined later on vocals, and really took the songs to another level. Sean was the last one to come on board, on guitars, and he brought that simplicity in complex patterns the four wanted to achieve.

“I have been writing songs over a few years now but could never gather courage or find a strong enough reason to take them public, until we formed OFFtrack,” says Sumit.

“The idea [for this release] came into my head when I clicked a picture of a soldier praying next to the tank he was in charge of, I guess. That picture has so many contradictions. We often pray for wellness and peace. And that made me think that killing on command is just a job for him. So, does he love what he does or is he like the rest of us?

“What kind of personality traits does one need to be able to do this? And what’s the relevance of the most asked question in interviews when hiring ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ Does he even have the next five years?

“And the idea emerged that even the one who kills is too dumb to understand the ulterior motives of those in power.” Describing the issues faced while recording during the pandemic, Sumit explains: “Recording was a bit of a challenge. There was too much back-and-forth. We tried to record one person at a time. We hardly met as a full band. Everything was done remotely. After we were done recording the song, it was a challenge to find a mixing engineer, who could understand the sound and do justice to it. Luckily we found Vishnu Pillai who mixed and mastered the sound.”

Check out the music and, if you like it, you’ll be glad to hear that OFFtrack are working on a full-length album expected to be out later in the year. ✤