The Bose Frames are an innovative personal audio experience embedded in a classic design.

Bose Frames are quite literally an example of combining the best of both worlds. The device is based on a basic concept of merging a pair of sunglasses with a pair of headphones that don’t actually go in your ears.

These innovative audio sunglasses use miniaturised Bose speakers that are craftily hidden in the temples and produce a rich and immersive sound for users, while being virtually inaudible to others. A flat cable runs through the steel hinges of the sunglasses to send audio and power to the speakers.

The Bose Frames connect via Bluetooth to users’ smartphones and employ the exclusive Bose OpenAudio technology to free them from their headphones. Also, the device uses intuitive touch and motion sensor controls and a microphone system that has been effectively built into the temples, making it easy for users to take calls on the go and letting them stay hands free.

Plus, unlike many noise cancelling audio devices, the Bose Frames allow users to stay alert and aware of their surroundings without having to unplug. There is a designated tap button on the right temple that allows for functions such as pause, skip forward or go back. That same button also lets users answer or end a call.

Beyond the audio and smart capabilities, the glasses have been impeccably designed with variation in models offered such as Tenor, Soprano and the Bose Frames Tempo which is intended as high-performance sport sunglasses. ✤