Tommy Jeans’ new drop, Denim Progressed, features summery staples and head-turning classics, all helping contribute to a greener future.

Fashion enthusiasts around the world are becoming more environmentally conscious. While many are boycotting fast-fashion brands – those that produce cheap, trendy and disposable clothing in bulk and at fast speeds to meet growing demand – all together, many others are switching to benevolent brands that use recycled fabric and repurposed materials and practice green production and operations.

Denim Progressed is the sustainable capsule by Tommy Jeans whose product line consists of jeans wear and footwear for men and women as well as accessories and fragrances. With every new drop of Denim Progressed, Tommy Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger strives to reduce its environmental impact while delivering stylish, more sustainable denim.

This collection consists of stylish silhouettes crafted from 100% recycled denim that’s made by repurposing leftover fabric and using renewable materials that are easier to recycle at the end of their life span – circular denim, which can be reused instead of ending up in a landfill. You can choose from everyday wardrobe staples – cargo shorts, full-length cargo pants, jeans, shirts and jackets – in bright summery whites, classic jet black and everything in between: a range of shades produced with unique washes and rinses – processes that give the fabric its appearance such as light, dark, worn out, tie-dyed and distressed.

With summer pretty much upon us, these dazzling brights and their contrasting darks are just what you need to take your wardrobe through the season, whether you’re vacationing or staying on our sunny shores. ✤