Discover the essence of Ramadan through its rich tapestry of traditions. Join us as we explore cherished festivities, elegant attire and exquisite home décor that mark this special time of year and tell you where to find them.

Ramadan Fashion

Ramdan is a time of restraint and that’s true for dressing too. The Holy Month is all about modest dressing but that doesn’t mean a compromise on style. While the men usually wear smart, traditional thobes, the women up their dressing game, especially on evenings out for Iftar or Ghabga. Beautiful flowy kaftans, intricately crafted jalabiyas and embroidered abayas make an appearance at most gatherings.

Intricate gold thread work takes the spotlight in traditional creations and dress fabrics can vary from soft comfy linens and chiffons to silky satins and even shimmery rayons. Colours can range anywhere from natural earthy tones and muted pastels to vibrant blues, greens and pinks.


Home Décor

Ramadan brings families and friends together in shared experiences, not only through food but also by welcoming others to your home. And decorating it for the festive season is an essential pleasure. From traditional carpets and ornate home items o beautiful table settings, Ramadan accents are seen everywhere. One of the simplest ways people embellish their surroundings is through light, be it fairy lights outside the house or moon and star motifs adorning the living room. Ramadan lanterns, from small hanging ones to outdoor garden décor, are extremely popular and ideal for creating a serene ambience.

When entertaining, hosts enhance Ramadan food flavours with refined dining settings, including crockery, table runners and napkins, featuring classic mosaic or floral patterns. Accents of traditional green, vibrant blues and gold lend an elegant touch. Living rooms are brightened with decorative serving trays and sofas made more inviting with Ramadan-inspired throw cushions.


  • 2XL Home (online): Furniture and contemporary lighting
  • Pottery Barn (The Avenues – Bahrain): Dinnerware and table décor
  • Russell & Rose Home (online): Throw cushions and napkins
  • West Elm (The Avenues – Bahrain): Dining furniture and tableware


Celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadan, Gurgaon is a custom that goes back hundreds of years to reward fasting children. Similar to Halloween, children dress up in traditional clothes and go from door to door collecting sweets and singing songs. Young girls wear colourful, embroidered jalabiyas, while boys don thobes, embellished jackets and caps. In the past, kids were given dates but this has now evolved into receiving sweets and nuts. It’s also become customary to reward children with money in the form of coins, often gifted in cute little cloth bags.