With the island brimming with eateries serving Bahraini food, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to try local fare and their specialities.

AlAmeer Restaurant
Where: UpTown Village, Budaiya | Saada, Muharraq
Speciality: Balaleet, vine leaves, ghoozi

Dar Alzain Cafe
Where: Isa Town
Speciality: Balaleet, Bahraini kebab with tamarind sauce, mahiyahwa bread with cheese

Darseen Café
Where: Bahrain National Museum
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast tray, Chef B’s shawarma plate special, Bahraini chicken curry

Emmawash Restaurant
Where: Budaiya| Hamla | Isa Town | Bab Al Bahrain
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast platter, chicken liver, samboosa Fareej

Bin Aqool
Where: Zinj and various locations
Speciality: Harees, cheese samboosa, Nashif meat

Freej Bin Rashdan
Where: Dohat Arad Park, Muharraq
Speciality: Balaleet, chicken machboos, harees

Fusions by Tala
Where: Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa
Speciality: Ghoozi tacos, tikka steak, sea bream

Haji’s Cafe
Where: Manama
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast platter, beef tikkas, prawn machboos

Lumee Street
Where: Al Aali Mall | The Avenues – Bahrain | Saar
Speciality: Fresh falafel, grilled hammour fillet, Bahraini kebab

Machaabees Restaurant
Where: Seef Mall
Speciality: Chicken and lamb machboos

Marash Gulf Cuisine
Where: Seef Mall
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast platter, chicken ghoozi, Bahraini kebab

Naseef Restaurant
Where: Saada, Muharraq | Seef Mall| Bab Al Bahrain
Speciality: Chicken liver, samboosa plate, hammour machboos

Tasneem Traditional Restaurant
Where: Shakhurah
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast platter, chicken biryani, beef kebab

Um AlBaneen Restaurant
Where: Karbabad
Speciality: Harees, chicken machboos

Villa Mamas
Where: Al Markh, Saar
Speciality: Harees, Baba’s tikka with hummus, Bahraini chicken machboos, lamb ghoozi

Wald Al Deera Restaurant
Where: Isa Town
Speciality: Bahraini breakfast platter, prawn machboos, meat ghoozi

Zyara Restaurant
Where: Karbabad
Speciality: Bahraini beef tikka, vegetables samboosa, lamb machboos.

While the island offers a treasure trove of eateries serving traditional food, if a Bahraini extends an invitation to dine at their home, enthusiastically accept and enjoy the warm hospitality, for nothing honours tradition more than sharing food with locals.