Tugce Goksel
Director of Public Relations and Communications, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

You have only recently come to Bahrain. What decided to you to make the move and how are you finding the country so far?
My passion for travel was ignited early on by my parents, who are also in the hospitality industry. I travelled a lot due to both business and leisure; still, I was always looking for a reason to step outside my comfort zone in Istanbul for an international experience, and a couple of opportunities in different countries came up at the same time. I knew Bahrain was a great destination due to its prosperity, the convenience of life and the friendliness of people, so I didn’t need to think much before making this move. Last but not least, I was always impressed by the culture of the Four Seasons and I knew that our hotel was one of the best properties within the Four Seasons portfolio. So, being a part of this family was an inspiring and exciting journey for me to take on. I love it so far and the people in Bahrain being very friendly, helpful and welcoming made my adaptation smooth and easy.

Please tell us a bit about your role and what is your favourite part of the job?
I handle the marketing communications and public relations activities of Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. My primary responsibilities are effectively using digital and traditional marketing tools, establishing the social media strategy and brand collaborations, managing media relations, promoting all the hotel experiences and ensuring everything is up to brand standards. My favourite part of the job is that it is far from routine. Of course, there are core responsibilities, but in today’s rapidly-changing marketing environment and with new trends, you always need to keep yourself updated and develop new perspectives. So, marketing communications is the perfect fit for someone like me who is very keen on reading and curious about learning new things. Also, I love the storytelling aspect of my job. Looking for the details and inspirations to tell the stories of the people in our organisation and their craftsmanship is the most exciting part for me. And, of course, meeting with people from all around the world and the great network it provides are some of the best features.

What should visitors look out for at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay over the coming months?
Our hotel is the destination of choice for both business and leisure travellers. The gastronomy experiences will be further elevated in the upcoming months with new tastes and projects. We will bring back the highly-demanded Arabic pop-up at the beach. You will also see more projects related to social events, celebrations and outside catering, which are key business segments. Also, with the Festive Season and, of course, the World Cup approaching, we are preparing pleasant surprises and experiences for our guests, so stay tuned!