Executive Chef Nicolas Herbault, of Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain, reveals his new menu and love of pastries.

With significant experience both in Europe and across the region, what made you decide to come to Bahrain?
I am always looking for new experiences and culinary adventures to inspire my creative process of creating unique dishes from across the world. Bahrain just happened to come around at the right time, igniting the perfect spark of inspiration. In addition to being an exciting new destination, it also offered me the opportunity be a part of the fantastic team, handling both Vida and the upcoming Address Beach Resort Bahrain.

As part of its ethos, Vida is committed to establishing strong environmental credentials. How is this translated into your kitchen?
Origins, our all-day dining restaurant at Vida Bahrain, perfectly aligns with this perspective and this makes it easier to execute our health-friendly menu items. I make sure to portray the effort Vida is committed to making in preserving the environment. We do that by freshly sourcing natural, locally sourced produce and ingredients whilst having seasonal items on the menu as well as maintaining a clean menu throughout the year. Of course, this means we aim to demonstrate that taste equals health in all dishes we put out.

Please tell us about the new menu you have just launched.
The Bistro by Origins has just launched a more summery menu with some influences from different French classic dishes such as the Warm Goat Cheese Salad with fresh berries or our homemade Ravioli with Burrata and Summer Truffle. Our guests can enjoy a fresh platter of oysters as well as a fine selection of French cheese with modern twists and, of course, Instagrammable food presentations! Don’t forget to try out our famous Mussels Night every Thursday, at The Bistro by Origins.

What is your favourite dish to cook and to eat?
I enjoy cooking pretty much everything and I always like to try new recipes. However, I mostly like working with pastry. I particularly enjoy the precision of the recipes and the subtle blend of flavours, among other details. Pastry has no limits when it comes to creativity. If you are imaginative, you will be delighted because the possibilities are endless. Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance. ✤