Kevin Rowe
Food & Beverage (F&B) Manager, Hilton Bahrain

What’s your earliest memory of falling in love with the F&B sector? Any inspirations?
I grew up in a boarding school quite a distance away from my hometown and I would find myself frequently going to friends’ houses/farms over the weekends. My friends’ parents were exceptional hosts, they ran a game farm and in peak season the mum would bake waffles for her guests, just as a gesture. As a young boy, I would deliver them. The smiles on people’s faces were priceless – serving food makes people happy. She was really my inspiration – my first paid holiday job was in hospitality, and so it continues.

What’s a normal day like for you?
I get up early to go to the gym or run outside, followed by some light reading and a shower. Around 7.45am, I will be at work where I start my day reading all relevant reports and emails regarding last night’s operation. Then, it’s time for the first walkaround to the breakfast area, lobby lounge, room service and conference centre, before heading to the morning meeting. Depending on the day there will be meetings, office work, but most of all I love to regularly pass by all areas of the hotel and back of house to connect with guests and team members and make observations for improvements. The 4pm meeting with my F&B team is essential to communicate important information. Until 6pm or 7pm I have time for some projects, administration and meetings before it is time for dinner service to kick off with hopefully a full bar for happy hour and many reservations. When operations are under control, I will go home or get a bite or drink at a competitor’s property as it’s important to keep up with the market. If it is a busy night, I like to stay around the hotel.

What major learnings from your 15 years of operational experience do you intend to bring to Hilton Bahrain?
Over the years, I have gained a strong knowledge and understanding of various international cuisines such as Japanese, Italian and Mexican; along with my capacity to manage and organise largescale banqueting and outdoor catering events. Last and probably the one that tops my learnings, is the ability to uplift guest dining experiences by providing creative and high-quality food along with prompt service.
I am thrilled to be a part of the vibrant team at Hilton Bahrain, inspired by the brand’s culture of forward-thinking sustainability in the food and beverage industry. The focus on reducing waste through growing our own ingredients and supporting local producers is truly commendable. And with exciting initiatives such as Hilton’s Waitographer [Hilton professionally trains its restaurant and bar staff to click photos and capture moments for guests], I am constantly wowed by the fun, fresh and upbeat energy of this exceptional organisation.