We’re loving the latest release from Museland Records by young Bahraini muso Aveora, AKA Hameed Al Saeed.

“Melancholy Inventory explores the inner battles within oneself wherein past experiences and cognitively-dissonant realities are psycho-analysed; and through which self-worth is ultimately realised, rediscovered, and redefined.” Their words, not ours!

From our side, we’d say that even though the lyrics do, indeed, evoke a certain melancholia the overall sound has a dreamlike quality that took us to a happy place. And, of course, there’s the added bonus that a quick listen drew us into a whole bunch of other stuff from Museland that threatened to derail an honest afternoon’s work.

Aveora is the amalgamation of influences and experiences gathered by multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, singersongwriter Hameed. Having crafted his skills over the years performing with a number of bands in Bahrain, including Majaz, Cactus and MUST, Aveora is his magnum opus, drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum that spans progressive rock, pop ballads and the guitar stylings of ‘70s and ‘90s alternative rock with a tinge of synth.

Aveora’s music is melodic, anthemic, gentle, yet screaming to be heard. And his electric live performances have quickly established Aveora as a crowd favourite, opening for UK electro-pop band Not Squares and performing at the MuseNight concert series.

He says: “This song is deeply personal to me and perhaps that’s why I was so hesitant to release it – especially with the music video. Most of us struggle to show our vulnerable side, but I’m so glad I finally got to share it with everyone and embrace my own in the process. I hope it makes whoever listens to it feel something, or realise something; whether about themselves, or someone else.”

And, speaking of the video, watch to the end and you’ll come across a certain Sumit Sharma – he was in charge of the whole process and rather amusingly thus credited.

Have a listen. If, like us, you’re rather taken with the sound, you’ll be glad to know that Aveora is currently working on recording his debut EP to be released under Museland Records.✤