Instant Magic

Fujifilm Instax unveils new feature-rich addition to its family of analogue instant cameras.

Making the most of the latest advancements in instant photography technology, the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 offers users an excellent tool to showcase their creativity and artistic expression.

It has a sleek retro design and comes in a stylish matte black finish. The camera has intuitively designed controls to let users swiftly select from the Colour Effect Dial. The available six effects include Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia and Light Leak. With the help of LED lights inside, the chosen effect artfully generates the desired colour on the printed Instax Mini image.

The Brightness Control Dial provides users with five distinct levels of brightness that can suit and enhance differing situations. The Light (L+) setting offers the brightest exposure, while the L, D and N settings provide a much more normal range of brightness, the D- setting offers the darkest available brightness level.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 also boasts standout shooting options such as an Indoor Mode designed for low light situations; Double Exposure Mode for smoothly combining two images into one; a Bulb Mode that creates a brightened effect on the print; and the elaborate Sports Mode to catch that perfect action shot.

Additional features include a self-timer to capture the perfect group photo, a new Vignette Switch on the lens housing and an excellent smartphone app for users to digitally scan, import, organise and store their photos in a single place. ✤