Move Freely

Garmin launches new heart rate monitor made for women.

Fitness trackers have seamlessly become part of our everyday lives. In most cases, wrist-based devices are plenty useful and do a satisfactory job, but fall short when it comes to accurate heart rate tracking compared to dedicated devices. Addressing that issue is the Garmin HRM-Fit, a new heart rate monitor developed specifically for women.

Designed paying special attention to comfort alongside functionality, the device features a unique clip-on design that’s been optimised to fit with medium and high-support sports bras. Precisely tracking one’s heart beats per minute lets users correctly gauge their effort level during exercise, which then allows them to adjust training parameters and stay on top of stress levels.

The HRM-Fit accurately captures real-time heart rate and training data for a variety of activities, including running, indoor and outdoor cycling, strength training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and many others.

Users can effectively track the way they move and in turn understand their bodies better. The device transmits the heart rate and performance data via Bluetooth direct to compatible devices and apps – such as Garmin smartwatches, Edge cycling computers, the Tacx Training app and more.

In situations where users happen to take off or not wear their compatible smartwatch, the HRM-Fit captures steps, calories burnt, intensity minutes and all-day heart rate. It conveniently stores all the workout data and updates all compatible Garmin devices via the Garmin Connect smartphone app. ✤