Step Inside Virtual Reality

Apple launches its revolutionary spatial computer – the Vision Pro.

Taking a step away from its highly regarded stable of existing computing devices, Apple lays its claim for the future with the introduction of the ultramodern Vision Pro – a mixed-reality headset that seamlessly integrates digital media with the physical world.

The device looks to transform the way users connect, consume entertainment, work and collaborate.

Once worn the headset delivers unique spatial experiences with the help of visionOS operating system.

The navigation and control functions in the brand-new threedimensional user interface utilises natural and intuitive inputs by eyes, hands and voice. For example, specific gestures help interface with the apps by just looking at them, tapping the fingers to select and flicking the wrist to scroll. A virtual keyboard or dictation-to-type function is also accessible and Siri can assist in quickly opening or closing apps, playing media and more.

Leveraging existing iOS and iPadOS frameworks, the visionOS gives access to more than one million familiar apps on Apple Vision Pro which automatically work with the new input system. Additionally, the headset also has its own new App Store where users can find apps that specifically deliver unparalleled spatial computing experiences.

With an ultra-high-resolution displays that boasts more pixels than a 4K TV, the Vision Pro provides the most stunning movie and TV watching experience. Users can efficiently carry out daily workflow on apps like Microsoft 365 and Slack and can also indulge in an entirely unique and engaging way of playing games. ✤