Layla AlTurabi
Communications & Brand Manager, Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain

Having studied and volunteered in the medical field, what prompted you to move into hospitality?
The hotel industry is a pretty interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. One of my biggest reasons for moving to this field is the sense of self-rewarding you feel whenever you make someone’s day a little bit better. Whether you are a concierge in the hotel, a kitchen coordinator working behind the scenes or you’re involved in the management of the hotel’s business, every time you come into work you are making someone happy. You’ll rarely find someone with a hospitality job who doesn’t have a passion for making other people’s moments more enjoyable.

What is the best thing about your Job?
The true test of every brand’s longevity and resilience is brand management. This statement summarises the best part of my job. The fact that this profession encompasses more than just the aesthetics of a brand makes it a challenging as well as enjoyable job to do. You cannot always use the usual list of tips-and-tricks in brand management. I enjoy being creative, which is essential for ensuring continuous brand consistency through all communications to achieve lasting success for the hotel. What I also love about my job is being on the forefront of digital brand marketing, helping uncover and discover new insights for our guests. It continues to be a fast-paced, ever-changing field which brings out the best of my artistic personality.

As a Bahraini, what is the one thing you would say visitors to the island ‘must’ see, try or do?
I would recommend them to visit the archaeological sites in Bahrain. Places where history occurred always amaze me. They connect us to the past and give us a chance to time travel by pulling back the curtain on a different age, uncovering the stories that these places have to tell! Once you spot the beauty of Bahrain’s history, you will surely have an exciting story to share with family and friends.