Rizwan Tariq

Assistant General Manager Zayani Motors

What first took you into the automotive world?

I have had a general passion for cars since childhood. As a young adult studying in New York, I got affiliated with a group of friends who were obsessed with cars and performance, and I would say that was the start of my obsession with cars as well. We would spend most after-school hours working on our cars and competing against each other. Obviously, you can’t buy performance parts without money, which led me to start a part-time job selling cars at one of the local dealerships. Seventeen years later, the passion for automotive has nothing but increased.

What do you consider the best part of your job?

The ever-evolving automotive industry itself is a very exciting part of this job. With the latest evolution of electrical vehicles, the dynamics of the car market will change massively over the next few years and keeping up with these trends is very exciting. However, on a day-to-day basis, the best part of the job for me is meeting new people every day. Since the nature of our business is such that most of these people tend to stay with us for years to come, this turns many of them into friends.

We understand that MG is continuing to grow its market share across the region. What makes the brand so popular in Bahrain and the Middle East?

The requirements of the modern consumer are not just design and performance; technology and connectivity have become an integral need. This is where MG has created its footprint. To start with MG has a comprehensive model line-up that caters to all age groups. With modern and sleek designs, each model comes with multiple interior and exterior colour options. MG offers a warranty of six years or 200,000km, which provides the customer peace of mind and, most importantly, the cars are equipped with all the modern technologies, wireless connectivity, Apple and Android car play, large screens, multiple driving modes, 360-degree camera and many more attractive options and all of this is being offered at easyon-the-pocket prices. Within a short time period MG has ranked at number seven in the top 10 brands in Bahrain and we have set ourselves an ambitious target to reach the top five within the next 12 months.