FACT’s Elanur Sengel tries the brand new Cryotherapy at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain and here’s the verdict…

F irst up, in case you’re wondering what Cryotherapy is – let me break it down. It is actually not a new practice. If you’ve ever applied ice to an injury, congrats – you’ve employed cryotherapy without even knowing it! That being said, Cryotherapy is an intense form of cold therapy, but for the whole body! In the whole-body cryotherapy you walk into a chamber that exposes your body to extreme temperatures (up to -140 °C) for a few minutes. The list of benefits from the therapy runs long – from better sleep; collagen stimulation and cellular regeneration;

weight-loss; pain relief to treating muscle soreness and reducing inflammation, up to more energy and a better mood, and some even claim cellulite reduction. Knowing all these benefits, it’s easy to understand why even celebrities like Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, and Mandy Moore take a step into the freezer.

How a few minutes in the °CRYO chamber can make all these nice benefits possible? Well, cryotherapy works to reduce the body’s temperature evenly with dry cold, which can achieve a significant reduction in inflammation, and a decrease in cortisol in only a few minutes. Yes, you are only a few minutes away from slimming, or even getting an energy boost – how cool is that? (pun intended!).

Arriving at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, I walk into the °CRYO to hop in their beautifying chamber. Also, on the menu: cryo facials. Not knowing if I can stand the subzero temperatures on my whole body, I’m saving the chamber-experience for last and begin with the glow facial. The glow facial is all about activating the collagen production in the deeper levels of your skin, increasing its capacity to rejuvenate itself and regain elasticity, to bring forth the glow you want. I lie back on a couch in the bright-white treatment room and brace myself for the cold. A nice lady from the cryo team places a warm towel over my body and as soon as that happens the treatment starts! Following a quick cleanse, cryogenically cooled air strokes my cheeks. First, it’s a nice cold breeze, but after only a minute the chill gets more intense— not in a painful way, but quite strong it is. I brave the cold for 10 minutes and soon enough, it’s over. “Is everything fine?” the nice lady from the cryo team asks. I nod my head yes, a little frozen, yet excited for the next facial¬— the energising light therapy.

Especially the combination of the cold glow facial and the warm red light is supposed to bring great results as the mix of cold and warm stimulate the skin even more. Now baking under the heat lamp, wearing eye protecting shades, I feel a bit like in the solarium. I feel great, relaxed. After 15 minutes of baking I touch my face and sure enough, everything feels tighter. Wow, wait! That fast?! I’m looking in the mirror and kind of can’t believe how fast the results show up. My face appears brighter and fresher, and my cheeks look beautifully plump and pillowy. The sweet lady from the cryo team tells me that these results will look even greater in the coming 10 days and that’s something I love to hear. Apart from the beautifying effect, I also feel energised and ready for more: the wholebody treatment.

I head to the chamber and remove all metal jewellery. I also put socks and booties on to protect my feet, as well as gloves and the cryo underwear. Ready for the tundra! “You will feel great after this! It will give you a jolt of energy!” the cryo team tells me. Alright then, I want that. I step into the chamber and as soon as the door closes the three minute-tundra already begins. Smoke from the liquid nitrogen starts pumping out and hey, it was freezing cold… but totally bearable. ‘Freed from desire’ starts to play and motivates me to start dancing in the chamber, and that’s what’s needed when being put into a -140°C chamber. It is really, really cold.

Finishing the mix of dancing and freezing for three minutes, the music stops and the machine shuts off, and I briskly walk my freezing thighs over to a seat. After shaking off the cold feels, I became an espresso cup myself. I don’t remember having that much energy in ages! I feel awake, charged – like I just woke up from a deep sleep in some kind of faraway glacial land.

The following days, the results just seem to get better, and even my loved ones would continuously compliment my complexion. It’s safe to say, I find myself longing to feel the big chill again – and sooner rather than later. ✤