Lights, Camera, Action!

Explore the creative and professional aspects of short film production in an intensive three-day workshop led by acclaimed actor and director, Nawaf Al Janahi.

If you’ve been fascinated by film making, there’s a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes right here in the Kingdom. The Bahrain Cinema Club is set to host a three-day workshop, Making Short Films, led by director and writer, Nawaf Al Janahi. Scheduled to take place from May 19 to 21, the workshop will run from 7pm to 10pm each evening at the club’s venue in Juffair and is priced at BD30.

From conceptualisation to exhibition, the immersive workshop focuses intensively on the process of making a short film, exploring both the creative and professional aspects of filmmaking. Participants will gain a robust understanding of cinema, rooted in film theory and aesthetics, while also gaining valuable industry insights and practical tips to advance their careers.

The workshop is structured into three main segments, each covering specific stages of the filmmaking process. Day one focuses on what happens before the film, emphasising cinematic language, the role of the director, idea generation and screenwriting. Day two is all about the film itself, addressing pre-production, visualisation, directing actors and crew, as well as editing and sound design. On the final day, the workshop focuses on post-production and beyond, exploring marketing, promotion and distribution. Participants will also learn about the realities of reaching audiences and guidance on navigating the next steps in their filmmaking careers.

Nawaf Al Janahi, an accomplished actor and film director, brings his wealth of experience to the workshop. Born in Abu Dhabi to an Egyptian mother and an Emirati father, Nawaf started acting at the age of seven and at 19 moved to California, US, to study the art of cinema. His contributions to Emirati and Gulf cinema have been widely recognised. His first feature length film, The Circle, marked a significant milestone in regional cinema, while his second film, Sea Shadow, enjoyed both local and international acclaim.

Besides filmmaking, Nawaf is also the founder of several film initiatives, including the Emirati Cinema Campaign, Black Box Cinema and Cineolio. The workshop will culminate with a screening of Black Box Cinema, featuring a curated selection of Arab short films, including Big Day (2022), Liter of Gas (2022), Long Trip (2021), This World is Wonderful (2021) and Unveiling Selma (2022). The films are subtitled in English and start from 7pm.

Those interested can register for the workshop through the club’s Instagram page (link in bio). ✤