Scents, skincare, grooming must-haves – check.

Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum

Ellis Brooklyn’s New Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum delivers a sweet yet sophisticated scent to the wearer. Described as a ‘fragrance of paradoxes’, the perfume harbours ingredients such as two types of vanilla extracts, a touch of florals, delicious cocoa shell, delectable amyris and cream. With the colder months arriving and a cooler breeze whistling through the air, this scent would not be a bad choice. It’s created by Ellis Brooklyn’s Bee Shapiro and female Irish perfumer Meabh McCurtin, two outsiders to the perfume world, who came together to create a vanilla fragrance from a fresh perspective.

Blush de Beauté

Gucci’s new Blush de Beauté is the first of the company’s powder blushes purely made for creative expression. The smooth multi-use blushes come in six colours and can be applied on your cheeks and eyes to give you that glow. Thanks to the cool formula, you can also layer the make-up to go from a light tone to a daring look or anything in between, as per your taste. Ingredients include shea butter, which reduces dryness and hydrates the skin, hyaluronic acid, which provides long-lasting nourishment, and black rose oil, which provides antioxidant benefits. Also imbued are waxes that deliver long-lasting colour.

Recharging Water Cream Moisturiser

Kate Sommerville’s Recharging Water Cream Moisturiser is the ultimate solution to combatting skin dehydration. Developed in Kate’s Skin Health Experts Clinic, this product helps the complexion to drink in vital hydration, plumping and recharging thirsty skin after just one use. The Nobel Prize-inspired AquaPort Technology and hyaluronic acid included in the formula deliver instant and long-lasting hydration.

Fix+Stay Over Setting Spray

MAC’s new alcohol-free and hydrating setting spray sets make-up on your face for 16 hours straight as well as protecting it from pollution and blue light. The spray sets the make-up so that it stays colour-true and does not oxidise. Lock your look with this glamorous new product, which is made with antioxidants and microscopic film-former particles that work to keep your look protected, fresh and clean.

Gravity by Bovlix Pour Femme

The new signature perfume Gravity is a collaboration with Salah Abdulmajeed, aka Bovlix, a MENA celebrity influencer based in Bahrain. Following the sellout launch of the male fragrance, the company has released of the female edition. An enchanting fragrance of floral Oriental musk, that captivates with its freshness and beauty, while bold and long lasting, Bovlix worked closely with the experts at Asgharali to develop a fragrance that delivers on its promise. Top accords include pink peppercorn and violets balanced against intense floral notes from rose, lily of the valley and jasmine, inwrought with long-lasting dry amber and musk as its base fragrance.
Asgharali’s Gravity by Bovlix Pour Femme is now available in all Asgharali stores.

KP Body Scrub

This fantastic new body scrub by fur is targeted specifically for those who have Keratosis Pilaris, as well as those who have rough patches and bumps. Give your skin a complete overhaul with this physical and chemical scrub that combines the skin benefits of microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation to completely renew your skin. Ingredients include perlite, a mineral derived from naturally occurring volcanic rock and an effective exfoliant, lactic acid, which contains 14% active alpha-hydroxy acids, licorice root extract, which brightens the skin and soothes redness, and sunflower seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E, A and C and helps hydrate the skin.

Advanced Genifique Anti-Aging Serum

This effective serum is the ultimate new antiageing product you can buy. It claims to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier with just one drop and promotes healthy and glowing skin by helping it lock in moisture and hydration and defending against external pollutants, cold and dry weather. Ingredients include 10% Bigidus Prebiotic, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin Cg, all effective at improving your complexion and reducing the look of dull skin and signs of ageing. The serum also improves elasticity and the appearance of fine lines. Effective results can be seen within seven days if used every morning and evening. Apply after cleansing and toning.

Herbal Deodorant Roll-On

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant to smell fresh and clean, try Aesop’s Herbal Deodorant RollOn, boasting a fragrant herbal scent. The product, which contains zinc ricinoleate, targets the bad bacteria that produce the fetid odour to kill the smell. The alcohol- and aluminium-free deodorant also contains wasabi extract and a beautiful blend of essential oils to add a touch of elegance and reduce odour in a natural way. The oils include lavender, rosemary, sage and orange, as well as ginger extract. The bottles are made of brown glass, deflecting harmful UV rays and allowing the product to have less preservatives.

Hero Eau de Parfum

Burberry has announced the new Hero Eau de Parfum, the latest addition to the Hero collection, with a message of ‘A powerful fragrance to awaken the hero within’. The scent is inspired by a sense of exploration with a search for freedom and a journey towards personal transformation. It boasts a woody mixture of fragrances, including warm cedarwood oils as its base scents, along with pine needle and Benzoin.

Deep Relief Acne Treatment

This acne treatment, formulated with plant-derived phytosteriods, is designed for those with very uncomfortable acne. The liquid coats your skin with an invisible film-forming polymer that holds the coat in place. The amino acid technology, combined with the maximum-strength 2% salicylic acid, treats the bad bacteria on the skin that triggers this type of aggressive acne. If you suffer from pesky painful and swollen red bumps and need quick and long-term relief, why not try this treatment that is packed with actives and skin-healing ingredients, clinically proven to provide a clearer and healthier complexion and suitable for all skin types.