Check out our save and splurge ideas for making the most of your Ramadan evenings.

Stay Fit

Save – Join a workout session. With gyms and studios now open, it’s easy to find a healthy alternative to the many Iftars on offer, maybe choose a group dance class and meet new friends while you’re at it. Or take advantage of one of the many outdoor workout sessions that are still available, even though the gyms are open.

Splurge – Hire a personal trainer for the month to make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals and slip into the all-toofamiliar pattern of joining in with the feasting, undoing your day’s fast. Most trainers will offer a monthly rate or you could even just book a few sessions and ask the trainer to give you a programme to follow.

Tip – Whatever your workout, stay hydrated.

Step Out

Save – Lace up your trainers, put your best food forward and head out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, just get out into the open air and experience the tuneful call to prayer to mark the end of the day’s fast. It’s a great reminder that you’re in the Middle East and those who return to their homelands always recall it with fondness.

Splurge – Not exactly a splurge but there is the opportunity to buy snacks and souvenirs if you go explore Qal’at al-Bahrain, also known as Bahrain Fort. One of the Kingdom’s two Unesco World Heritage sites, the fort and the surrounding areas are lit up at sunset and make for a great hilly stroll. There’s also the fort museum and coffee shop and, sometimes during Ramadan, you can experience the cannon firing there to signal the breaking of the fast.

Tip – Take a snack if you’re breaking your fast on the road.

Tuck In

Save – Pack a picnic basket and head out into the desert at sunset with family, or the friends in your bubble. There are few more beautiful ways to break your fast or just take in some of the most relaxing scenery on the island. Grab a cold box and pack traditional options such as dates, cold meats and dips and, of course, halwa or kunefe. Add some simple, quiet music. Don’t forget the Vimto. And make sure to take your rubbish home with you.

Splurge – Book a villa, perhaps at Al Areen, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, or Reef Resort, and break your fast in privacy but with the benefit of some great hotel food and amenities. Enjoy a catered feast knowing you can retire to the comfort of your own cosy bed once you’re done, without the hassle of a drive home. And you can even book a wake-up call for suhoor.

Tip – If you’re eating outdoors, don’t forget bug spray!

Saddle Up

Save – Get on your bike and explore the island while the weather’s still cool enough to enjoy it. Perhaps gather a group of friends for a safe, socially distanced way of getting in some fitness at sunset. There are numerous cycling routes online, just make sure your bike has lights and try to wear something reflective for safety.

Splurge – Book a cycling tour. Kashta Tours is running sunset bike rides every day during Ramadan. Distances, routes and timings will vary depending on sunset timings and attendees but, wherever you go, you’ll be guaranteed a good time.

Tip – If you’re going on a long ride, invest in some cycle pants!

Board Not Bored

Save – The playing of board games is a Bahraini Ramadan tradition. It’s a great way to relax after the Iftar meal and is usually a fixture at numerous Iftar tents. With the usual big gatherings curtailed this year, in the interests of safety, why not host a socially-distanced board game night at home. Don’t actually own any board games? No problem. Pop into one of the charity shops, such as the BSPCA Thrift Shop or the Dogfather’s Second Hand Shop, where you’ll usually find a good selection.

Splurge – Head to the Raven’s Nest board game and tabletop café, in Jannusan. Again not a true splurge, because it’s really good value for money, but an opportunity to sample some seriously sinful cakes and coffees while you check out a great selection of games and maybe meet some likeminded souls.

Tip – You’ll need to book a slot in advance at Raven’s Nest. Need For Speed.

Save – Get your adrenaline rush behind the wheel of a go-kart, a steal at just BD8 for a 15-minute run at the Gulf Speed One track in Juffair. There’s an arrive-and-drive package where you can just go alone and have some fun or several other options and corporate deals too. Time to strap on that helmet and go.

Splurge – Take some inspiration from the F1 and head to Bahrain International Circuit where you’ll find a huge range of experiences, from taking you own car or motorbike around the world-famous track to getting behind the wheel of a genuine SR1 race car and putting the pedal to the metal. Nighttime experiences are usually available throughout Ramadan.

Tip – As with all high-speed activities, stay safe out there.