Located in the heart of bustling Bahrain Bay at The Avenues, FACT’s Sara Waddah finds The Food Hall EST 2020 offering a combination of your favourite foodie brands under one roof.

Very recently opened, this venue brings guests a concoction of flavours from different well-known establishments and the location of this food hub also boasts a colourful and relaxing ambience in which different age groups can enjoy their time whether it be with friends or family.

Combining the flavours of six different well-known establishments, The Food Hall has managed to put together the essence of all these restaurants in a manner that is family-friendly, lunchfriendly and even business-friendly! Making it a location that isn’t just cost-friendly, but even perfect for those random pop ins while you’re in the area.

Walking into the brand-new establishment, the location has been decorated in a way that is inviting, comfortable and extremely colourful with the palette they’ve chosen. With comfortable couches, an outdoor seating area (for those who prefer the radiating heat of the sun), and long windows that bring in the sunlight from all directions.

The way the menus have been set up is quite intriguing – guests are asked to scan the QR code, which then then redirects you to a series of pages from which each representative restaurant has a selection of offerings.

Taking a closer look at the different restaurants, The Food Hall currently houses these six establishments from Alazzam Group: Yasmine, Twist, Pastarito, Mezza House, Macaron Café and Paradiso.

Starting our appetites off with mezze and salads from Yasmine, the authenticity of the Lebanese cuisine was very apparent – in presentation, taste as well as quantity – perfect for two to share! We delved into some fabulously tasty Fattouche salad, kibbeh and freshly made samosas that melted at first bite.

Also getting a taste of Twist Bahrain during our starters, the Dragon Shrimp and Cheese Fries were a highlight at our table. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to look out (perfect for that Instagram shot), the different combination of flavours from these two dishes reminded us of the essence of Twist, who always bring their own TWIST on things, in a spectacular way, each time!

Gearing up for some real true Italian cuisine, out came Pastarito’s Oven-Baked Fusilli and Macaroni Pasta with chicken, black olives, mozzarella cheese and pink sauce, alongside the Scacchiera signature cheese pizza, that was covered in all the toppings you could imagine. With my tastebuds focused on all the ingredients I was tasting, one saying came to mind – ‘life really and truly is a combination of magic and pasta’.

We were on a rollercoaster of cuisines and taste emotions but could not refuse when out came Kabab Barg, grilled beef tenderloins served on hot plain rice, with beautifully intoxicating smells of garlic, lime and saffron, giving us an A to Z of authentic Persian delights.

As if we weren’t already stuffed to the core – this is a standard procedure – we gave ourselves a breather where we walked around the entire establishment (it’s quite massive!) before coming back to seat ourselves in front of our sweet desserts. At the end of the day, who are we to say no to a sweet ending?

Teasing my senses with an eclair from Macaron Café, what I really had my eyes on was the Creamy Brownie Mug, which was filled with pieces of brownie crumble, ivory chocolate, almond crumble milk sauce, vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce to top it all off. Now that was an experience from start to end!

The great thing about The Food Hall is that it can cater to different age groups, as well as the different cravings that individuals may have. With the amount of variety guests are presented with, and lovely informative staff in place, there’s absolutely nothing that you won’t be able to find under this roof! ✤