Casa Mexicana’s two-piece band from Cuba will have you swaying your body, snapping your fingers and tapping your feet.

Since it opened its doors to diners in 1993, Casa Mexicana, located in the Kingdom’s popular food district in Adliya, has been serving and entertaining guests with authentic Mexican cuisine, groove-inducing music and an upbeat vibe. The restaurant has always had a Mexican kitchen and Head Chef Romaldo, who hails from Acapulco, has been turning out tasty dishes there for almost 15 years.

The new band, The Cuban Groove, comes all the way from Cuba and performs a mix of different types of music: Mexican, Latin, Spanish and English. The perfect backdrop to a fun evening with friends over delicious Mexican fare.

Roi and Claudia, the members of this two-piece band, have been playing together for almost a year. Before coming to Bahrain, they graced the stages of many a lounge and private party in Cuba. Roi is 37 years old. Speaking about his time on the island so far, he says: “I came here to work in this marvellous and beautiful place. And we love this country. It’s a very good place for everything for visiting and working.”

Claudia started singing at the age of 10. She was part of many bands in Cuba and has been playing for several years.. When Roi met her, he recognised her talent. “She has a very good voice,” he says. He then proposed that they team up and now, here they are. Together, they have several decades of experience and are setting the stage at Casa Mexicana on fire.

So, what is the sound of The Cuban Groove? On their visits to places such as Jamaica and San Martin, they observed how artists blend jazz, reggae and Latin music, which appealed to them. Roi says: “Yeah, they are very similar, but not the same. So, we can mix it, everything. Giving birth to a new style and for that reason we mix a lot. We are mixing because we are a mixed race. In Cuba, we have a lot of different races.” While they bring the best of all musical worlds together, Roi and Claudia’s performance is infused with the Cuban spirt, culture and lifestyle; the cars, the streets, the beaches, the hotels…head to Casa Mexican and discover the magic for yourself. ✤