THIS RAMADAN, A CLEANSING intervention is a modern need that has to be gone through by everyone to effectively detoxify from the pollution, processed food-like foods, toxic relationships, chemicals and many more factors that we are exposed in our everyday lives. Live Your Life offers 2 different detox plans that are result proven and effective for your well-being in 3-5 days at the TOP Spa and Wellness centre in Bahrain with a certified in-house Nutritionist to properly assess your nutritional needs. Here the recipes for the two detox plans Dr. Detox and Green Detox.

Detox Water
10-15pcs Mixed Berries
3pcs Lemon Wedges
2pcs Cucumber- Horizontal Slices 10-15pc Mint Leave
Simply mix all the ingredients in a tight mason jar or bottle and infuse for at least half an hour. Infusing overnight makes it more tasty and effective for detox.

6x60ml Green Apple
3 leaves Kale
5 leaves Spinach
1 handful bunch Parsley
2x60ml Cucumber
5ml Lemon
2x60ml Celery
3ml Ginger
Combine all ingredients in a blender on pulse speed. Throw in some ice and you’re all set! Pure honey can be added according to your taste. ✤