Based amidst the luxury of Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay one expects the unexpected. Well, experience fine dining like never before at re/ Asian Cuisine by Wolfgang Puck as it dispels any previous notion of Asian fusion cuisine with the launch of its immersive Friday Brunch this March.

The décor is Asian in origin but contemporary in its delivery with varnished wooden tables, a vast oversized chandelier suspended from the ceiling and leather booths which create a convivial dining experience. re/ Asian Cuisine by Wolfgang Puck can cater for any occasion, event or whim. Their new Friday Brunch is launched 6 March introducing diners to the skillfully crafted selection of Asian bonne bouche without feeling overwhelmed by overflowing platters and countless stations. The brunch showcases the way in which the team employs top notch ingredients and extant technique to produce a variety of steamed buns, pan fried oriental classics and noodle dishes – perfect for diners wanting to sample an array of delights for an impeccable day out. The brunch will retain the revered elements of their renowned Dim Sum Brunch; however, brunch-goers will be treated to tableside carved whole braised short rib, in the style of Korean Kalbi – which is traditionally a grilled dish.

The tableservice presentation of this particular dish is both interesting and entertaining; a must-share on social media using ‘Boomerang’ I must say. Served with traditional sides including their Korean Pancakes, or rather ‘Panchan’ if you’re feeling authentic with your vocab will have any hunger pangs expelled only further. Executive Chef Brian Becher and co all employ the very best of local produce and ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind culinary journey, that is indicative of Wolfgang Puck’s very ethos. This is why we are evidently ecstatic about the idea behind re/ Asian Cuisine’s impending brunch, where everything served is infused around the word ‘engagement’. That means go big or go home, ladies or gents.

The restaurant is a triumph of both style and spectacle with unprecedented service. Customers ordering can expect the unexpected as Executive Sous Chef Luke Omarzu showcased on our visit. The dishes were both innovative and surprising, and the meal can be likened to that of an artistic performance. We genuinely tingled with anticipation. As we sipped on our handcrafted muddled mocktails we were presented with wagyu beef Potstickers that danced alongside black vinegar and chilli oil to provide the perfect unity. The Crispy ‘Salt and Pepper’ Squid with red Thai curry sauce had us but quite literally ‘digging-in’ to the moreish spectacle that befell us.

Hand-Cut Chow Fun ‘Crazy Noodles’ seasoned with Hon Shimeji, Thai chillies and black pepper was served and it proved itself as nothing short of exceptional! Their Thai Style Wagyu Short Rib, known for its tender texture, is a true taste sensation. The Mr and I devoured every final morsel as we smacked our lips and refrained from licking the dishes further. There is nothing ‘typical’ when it comes to this gastronomic hub – you’re forever guaranteed a fabulous meal no matter the occasion. There’s a real delight in the honest and unpretentious dishes that are served by their knowledgeable staff.

A fusion of flavours further met with my taste buds as we were introduced to the Chicken Yakitori served as a quintet of skewers. Growing-up with a Mother who is a chef has definitely allowed for an appreciation to high quality ingredients and fresh produce over the years; something that unfortunately is a bit, well, hit-and-miss across the culinary scene in Bahrain…

especially when it comes to meat. Alas, the search for the perfect soup is over and with their mouth-watering Red Thai Curry Soup where tiger prawns and crispy rice noodles dance provocatively with your taste buds, well, my dreams have well and truly been answered. The Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns can only be described as a vessel of deliciousness as they fell apart as the radish kimchi and gochujang looked on as it allowed for a perfect balance and acceleration of flavour.

Those with a sweet tooth are not neglected either. The Chocolate and Yuzu Cake with yuzu ganache montee and chocolate sorbet once again highlighted the skill and vision of the Chefs and the scope of their continuously elevated ‘performance’. Are their dishes instagrammable? Yes. Is this my favourite restaurant in Bahrain? Undoubtedly. Should you go? Yes, yes AND absolutely…YES! Truly, re/Asian Cuisine is not just a statement but the very exclamation mark!

It sets the standard not just for restaurants in the Middle East but globally and we admonish you to treat your taste buds, and your loved ones, at once. ✤


They’ve never been the traditional kind and their brunch is certainly no exception. Start your weekend in style with crafted infusions and innovative Asian cuisine served sky-high on the 50th floor, overlooking the best views in town. Friday brunchers will be treated to tableside carved whole braised short rib, in the style of Korean Kalbi.

Post Brunch @ Blue Moon Lounge
Revellers refusing to let the afternoon come to a close are welcome to head to Blue Moon Lounge for the post-brunch beverage package priced at BD15 served between 4pm – 6pm. Their resident DJ will entertain throughout making for an unforgettable experience.