Having recently opened up in the heart of Muharraq, Cinnamon & Pretzels is the snack central we never knew we needed.

Cinnamon & Pretzels doesn’t beat around the bush. Cosy and casual, it brings together both sweet and salty nibbles under one roof – just as its name suggests. Its owners are passionate about creating new recipes, working hard to create a local concept that is not only affordable, but also meets world-class standards when it comes to quality.

Start with one of the savoury pretzels; it might just become one of your favourite midday munchies once you get your hands on one. With options ranging from garlic and parmesan cheese to jalapeño, sea salt, and even pepperoni, all the pretzels here are freshly baked, prepared to perfection, and served hot. Plus, Cinnamon & Pretzels makes its own homemade sauces (think: honey mustard, ranch, and pizza) that perfectly complement the pretzels and kick them up a notch. On the opposite end of the taste spectrum is the wide selection of sweet treats. Ever had a cinnamon roll reminiscent of a hug? The soft, warm, and chewy cinnamon rolls at Cinnamon & Pretzels come straight out of the oven and onto your table.

Even their scent is intoxicating. A must-try? It’s a toss-up between the Signature Cinnamon Pecan Nuts and Pistachio Cinnamon varieties. But it gets better. Because we don’t always have time to ‘stop and smell the roses’, the café has created both bite-size versions of its various pretzels and the ingenious Cinnamon On The Go that’s convenient to carry. And washing it all down is everything from milkshakes and mocktails to tea, cold coffee drinks, and a whole host of beverages for those on a health kick, which feature lesserseen ingredients such as hibiscus and beetroot juice. The Zero Express deserves a special mention as far we’re concerned. If you think iced coffee can’t be paired with cinnamon, pineapple juice, and sparkling water, think again. ✤