Frederic Daudou
Director of The Royal Beach Club, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

The hospitality industry has tackled unprecedented challenges in the past few months, courtesy of the pandemic. What one lesson or piece of wisdom will you carry into your professional life for years to come as a result?

The worldwide crisis affects all of us and many lessons and realizations come to my mind like the importance of health and wellness, our relationships with family and friends, and living in contentment. Throughout this challenge that we are now facing, being optimistic helps as well. I learned that not dwelling on the negative side of things makes it easier to move forward and get back up. We are all on the same boat. We also don’t know what tomorrow could bring, so seize the day with your loved ones, tell them that you appreciate them and grab opportunities to make new memories.

You’re no stranger to The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. How will your personal interests and past experiences influence how you approach your new role as Director of the Royal Beach Club?

I have worked in many hotels, built my career and encountered several challenges that helped me to grow. When the opportunity came, there was no hesitation even though I was working in Food and Beverage at the time. I am very much invested in sports activities so taking this position allowed me to share my experiences with our valued members. I try to reach out to everyone, engage with the members and do morning sessions with them during weekdays. It’s a work in progress but I’m working hard and having fun with our members and guests at the same time.

Did the recent lockdow n and/or decrease in travel help you discover an aspect of Bahrain that you weren’t previously familiar with?

With the necessary restrictions in place, we were quite hesitant to move around even locally. However, since the kids were just at home for five months, we made it a point to drive and discover new places that we have never been to in the Kingdom. Even in this small island, there are many places to see but further adventures will wait for things to get better. The good thing is, Bahrain has done a fantastic job in managing the crisis. Their swift actions ensured that all citizens and residents have the best care in the GCC.